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Unfortunate Wandering, Ajisen Ramen to Local Indie Authors

Yesterday, a stranger stole my phone without acknowledging his presence while walking along University of the Philippines Manila. To meet with bookish friends from a nearby facility is the only sole purpose of passing that dark street of Pedro Gil. Fortunately, the thief only stole my expensive looking phone. I’m glad my bag is safe or else I’m going home empty.


(from left to right) Phoebe, Clai and I


My friends and I, after that unfortunate event, treat ourselves with Ajisen’s house specialty ramen while talking nonstop about books and random topics. The ramen was awesome in a murky way. I’m glad I met with them that day. It’s been a long time since I have this bookish talks with random people and to fill the misery that happened that morning.


As decided, we went to University of Santo Tomas to celebrate The Erotics, fifteen young writers of Eros Atalia Fiction Writing Workshop, second book launch after a failed attempt to sell their books to the public during Aklatan. The book launch was celebrated with messages from famous local writers—from Jun Cruz Reyes or Amang, Isagani Cruz to winners of Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards—and dramatic reading from writers and their works.

 Unang Putok by Eros Atalia Fiction Writing Workshop (top) and Penzette by Sulat-Kamay Writers Guild (below)


Besides celebrating The Erotics successful second book launch, I purchased Pinzette III: Diyornal ng mga Lagalag, a collection of verse and prose from Sulat-Kamay Writing Guild of University of the Philippines Diliman. I doubt that they have the idea that I was the one who nominated their other work, Pektus: Mga Maikling Kuwento, to Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards. After passing through the shortlist, I hope that the judges of the said award will recognize the talent and skill of these unknown local indie authors.


For the authors, good luck at sa uulitin.